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Comic Name Author Details
scelton315 If you are reading this, you probably aren't reading what's below... which is really the point in this website... so yeah... read my comic.
JimLad All characters and events in this webcomic, even those based on real games are entirely fictional. All sprites are imitated... poorly. The following contains coarse language, and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.
JimLad A retelling of The Ocarina of Time, using screenshots with drawings in them, simples!


Join Jeff and Jeremey as they go on side quests! This comic is uploaded in "bulk" (20ish pages at a time) so updates may be separated by a few months! Also, use Firefox.
B.cor Follow the life of Skippy and his friends/enemies as they face the crazy town of Rockston.Updated Tuesday and Friday